Mountain Pleasure Horse Association

Foundation of all American Gaited Breeds

The Licking River Rider 4-H Drill Team is now, officially, the 2009 Kentucky State 4-H Division 1 Drill Team Champions and....2009 4-H Division 1 NATIONAL Drill Team Champions!!!!!!!!
In addition, we competed at the Dixie Classic Open Drill Team competition being held in Cookeville, Tennessee over the weekend, and the Licking River/Rockin R Rhythm Riders Drill Teams went on to win a  
total of 13 trophies and the title of "overall" champions.
We want to thank everyone soooooo very, very much who have supported these awesome girls over the years & hope we've made you proud!!!!!!!

Robin, Jenna & the girls

All minutes of Board meeting are now (Aug 17) up to date on website!

The Mountain Horse Celebration starts Saturday August 22nd in West Liberty Kentucky: Contact Larry Byrd ...See Events/ Horse Show for more info and a sponsorship form

The Mountain Pleasure Horse

Blood typing research by the University Of Kentucky has shown the Mountain Pleasure Horse to be the parent stock of all the American Gaited Horse Breeds. The origin of the Tennessee Walking Horse, Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain, as well as other gaited breeds have been popularized because of the gentle disposition, and easy gait founded in the Mountain Pleasure Horse.

The Mountain Pleasure Horse Association is dedicated to develop, preserve and promote the Mountain Pleasure Horse, in which the natural gait breeds true. Proper breeding between Mountain Pleasure registered stallions and mares will enhance this and other desirable characteristics in successive generations. Through selective breeding, we strive to produce an animal that meets the highest standards of this gaited mountain horse breed. Horse breeders are aware of the desire to produce a horse for most occasions and all persons. To this end, no action devices, aids or harsh training methods are permitted. Successful trainers have remarked of the intelligence and ease of training this gaited horse.

The Mountain Pleasure Horse naturally demonstrates a smooth, easy, consistent gait. The horse moves out with a gait in which one can count four distinct hoofbeats that produce a cadence of near equal rhythm. The speed may vary, but the four beat rhythm remains constant.

This site and the following pages are produced to educate horse enthusiast about the Mountain Pleasure Horse and the distinct qualities they posses, their heritage and ancestry and to make them the preferred horse of the trails, horse shows and competitions of every type.

We invite you to continue reading and enjoying our site and learning about the Mountain Pleasure Horse.